Hear Clear, Speak Well was created to help you help someone else. — Pam Hyink

Hear Clear

Learn to listen so can you can listen to learn!

Auditory processing problems — whether mild, moderate or severe — effect a significantly high number of our population. Sometimes we know the cause, sometimes we don't.

Learn ways to help a struggling student through

  1. Programs for learning better listening skills
  2. Programs for better reading

Classroom accommodations

Support from teachers, family, friends

Highly sophisticated computer-based programs

Did you know? Many reading problems, including dyslexia, stem from difficulties processing auditory information efficiently. Use our web site to learn more about how you can help the child you are concerned about.

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Speak Well

Speak with confidence and pride!

Direct therapy

Info for:
✓ parents
✓ therapists
✓ care givers
✓ teachers
✓ students

Clear speech can be acquired at any age
Follow Your Child's Auditory, Speech and Language Development
Therapy techniques that work!

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Auditory Processing Problems, Reading Problems and Speech Problems are all very treatable conditions thanks to the research and program development that has been done during the last half century. When good evidenced based programs are used with the struggling student, good results will prevail. Time and effort helping a struggling student will inevitably be rewarded.