OLT Program

Hear Clear Speak Well is ready to discuss with you the various possibilities of how a well administered, highly technical online program can be a life changing experience for your child or student.

Now that well researched and well documented programs can be delivered via the internet for your student in the classroom or at home, the best of the best can become part of a student’s academic success. Some of the most outstanding researchers and program developers have created programs that have successfully helped several million students over the past two decades.

Hear Clear Speak Well has been successfully using the 10 programs developed by Scientific Learning Corp. as an integral part of our services delivery to students with auditory processing problems, reading delays and dyslexia. The beauty of the computer is that with the right programming, it can do in one 30 minute session what it usually takes a therapist weeks to accomplish with traditional therapy. In one 30 minute session the computer can have the student respond to over 1000 pieces of stimuli which is virtually impossible for any therapist to do. The reality is that appropriate, highly stimulating practice done over and over gets positive results — the same as practicing the piano, violin, or learning to throw a football or baseball.


For more information or to get started, please contact us via e-mail or phone:

Phone: 303-888-5261

OLT Program Logistics: Once it is determined that a child/student can benefit from online learning to support auditory learning and/or reading, Hear Clear Speak Well purchases an online use license from Scientific Learning and “walks” you through the steps of getting it set up on your computer or iPad or notebook. Then, the student is ready to start. The expectation is that the student will work on the online program provided for a minimum of 30 minutes each day for 5 of 7 days. At the end of 5 days of work (sessions) the person helping to monitor the student's work (parent, grandparent, teacher, classroom aide, etc.) will have a 5 to 10 minute phone conference with a representative from Hear Clear Speak Well who is assigned to work with your student.

COST: The big question is always about how much it will cost. The answer depends on how many of the programs developed by Scientific Learning your child/student uses and how long it takes for your student to complete the programs he/she can benefit from. A representative from Hear Clear Speak Well will be able to give you the cost information you need to know.