Read It – Say It!

Read It-Say It! was developed to help individuals who can read but for one reason or another, have difficulty saying the words they see and use. The program's effectiveness comes from allowing the individual to be able to see the word as it is spelled while also giving a visual image of how we actually say it. The strength of the program is in how it works with sequencing speech sounds, clearly using vowels to support better articulation and speech production while giving the individual a visual image of what they are trying to say.

Who can benefit from using Read It – Say It?

It was originally designed to help individuals with dyspraxia but then proved to be beneficial for individuals who have experienced a stroke and have lost speech skills, individuals with motor control for speech problems due to a brain injury, and individuals needing to improve articulation skills, including accent reduction.

Dyspraxia is the inability to perform coordinated movements such as those needed for proper speech.
Disarthria is difficult or unclear articulation of speech that is otherwise linguistically normal.
Loss of the ability to speak or understand spoken or written language due to disease or injury of the brain.
The adjustments and movements of speech organs involved in pronouncing individual sounds
Head Trauma
Any injury that results in trauma to the skull or brain.

Coming Soon: Two ways to use Read It – Say It!

  1. View a short video on how it is used so you can get started creating your own program.
  2. View a short video on how it is used and then purchase ready to use Read It – Say It! pages that contain reproducible templates of everyday words and phrases from food to clothing to colors to transportation to locations, and more.