Hear Clear Speak Well is a private practice providing services in auditory processing and speech/language therapy. Our services include direct assessment and therapy for auditory processing problems, as well as direct assessment and therapy for speech and language development problems in children.

What's New? As a way to reach out beyond our local office, our newest service provides online comprehensive questionnaire programs to help determine what a student's needs might be:

Both programs allow the person completing the questionnaire an opportunity to provide comprehensive information about the student's auditory processing skills in “day to day” experiences so that appropriate recommendations can be made.

These questionnaires are easy to understand and take only a few minutes to complete.

Functional Listening Skills (FLS) Questionnaire Program for Classroom Accommodations

Providing classroom accommodations for a student who is struggling with keeping up in class, experiencing challenges with processing information, and/or having difficulty staying at grade level with reading is relatively easy once it is known what type of accommodations are appropriate for that particular struggling student. The FLS Questionnaire Program provides specific, individualized classroom accommodation recommendations for a student based on information provided by the person(s) filling out the questionnaire. If a student is not experiencing auditory processing problems that require classroom accommodations, no recommendations will be made. Click the link below to order the FLS Questionnaire or to get more information.

Order the FLS Questionnaire

For more information about the FLS Program, click here.

Auditory Processing (AP) Questionnaire Program

Using a questionnaire to help determine whether or not a student is struggling with auditory processing problems and needs academic assistance, therapy, or classroom accommodations is as simple as filling out the questionnaire online and either forwarding it to Hear Clear Speak Well electronically or copying it and mailing it. Once a completed questionnaire is received in our office, you will be contacted via phone or email to discuss the results based on the information provided. Click the link below to download the questionnaire.

Take the AP Questionnaire free!

For more information about the AP Program, click here.