When I have a question or need advice about a child's language development I always call Pam Hyink; she's my "specialist of choice" for both written and spoken language. I find she can always point me in the direction I need to help families identify whether a child needs supportive intervention, and if so, how to identify the specific help that would be most beneficial.

Pam Hyink knows more about children's language acquisition and use than anyone else I know ... also find her willing and responsive when I ask her to share that experience and knowledge with me or one of my teachers. She's a true gem.

As educators, we always have a few specialists who not only help us when a child is having a difficulty, but also teach us how to recognize whether intervention is needed and how best to server the needs of all children. Pam Hyink is top notch, both as a therapist and as a teacher of teachers.

Patricia Baker
Founder, Bixby School, Boulder
Director, Bixby School, Retired

Learning about Pam Hyink's mobile speech therapy for our daughter Annie was such a godsend! Annie has developmental delays and apraxia of speech. She had started speech therapy at age 1-1/2 at an outpatient facility, but when we found "Pam in the Van" she became a fixture in our lives from Annie's early years through middle school. Pam would come to whatever school Annie was attending, she'd park in our driveway for sessions over school breaks and through the summers so there was never a break in therapy continuity, and as a parent I was relieved of chauffeur duties and never had to stand in a hospital check-in line again. Pam also provided several computerized speech programs in her office in which we enrolled Annie, and each time saw significant and immediate results. Best of all, Annie would happily anticipate Pam's arrival each week. A happy child learns from a good teacher, and we whole-heartedly recommend Pam in the Van for both child and parent. She's THE reason Annie speaks as well as and as confidently as she does today. Thank you, Pam in the Van!

Sherry B.

I cannot say enough about how much Pam Hyink has helped our family over the years. When our son was born with a cleft lip and palate, Pam was a "life saver" to us. She began by helping us figure out the best feeding method that would in turn benefit his speech and language development, something that no other professional told us was so critical. Throughout our son's childhoold and early adult years Pam was our son's speech and language therapist and a very critical resource for us. Pam was always able to adjust her therapy to match our son's needs as well as his personality and activity level and to also keep it fun for him! Our son is an adult now, a USA Olympian, a frequent public speaker, an active member of his community and a father! We Know that the confidence he displays in all areas of his life today have a lot do with the friendship, care and excellent speech therapy that he received from Pam. We would highly recommend Pam Hyink as a special professional therapist as well as a friend!

Debbie and Duane D.
Boulder, Colorado